Cupcakes - try our sweet confections. Choice of flavors; requires pre-order; one flavor per dozen; cream cheese frosting on all

Lemon curd

Carrot Cake

Grammy's Dark Chocolate

Better Than Sex

$24 per dozen

Pre-order the following items and pick-up at an upcoming event!

How does pre-order work?

Simply decide what you are interested in, choose the event you will pick up at, and submit the online form. Once received, we will confirm availability & email you an invoice to be paid online. Pre-order required to be completed at least 48 hours prior to event date.

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BBQ Sampler Pack

Available to ship

Makes a great gift for DAD!


3 oz package of Tim's Rib Rub & Tim's Coffee Rub

12 oz packages of Wine Barrel Chips & Whiskey Barrel Chips

4 oz package of Sweet & Spicy Almonds (you always need a snack while cooking!)

All packaged in a burlap bag for gift giving.


Sweet & Spicy Almonds - great snack, made with honey, cayenne, olive oil & organic sugar

3 oz - $4

8 oz - $8

Gluten free

Mint Syrup - farm made mint simple syrup & bunch of fresh organic mint (from our farm); use for a refreshing spearmint tea, classic tropical mojito or many other cocktail 7& beverage creations

6 oz & mint bunch - $6

Gluten free

Socca - housemade flatbread (9 inch) used for our gluten free crusts / flatbreads (Par-baked & ready for your toppings)  - $5 each

Ingredients: garbanzo bean flour, water, olive oil, salt

Trail Mix Cookies - packed with nuts, dried fruit, & chocolate; these cookies make an excellent trail snack or dessert

Pack of 2 - $3

Dozen - $15

Ingredients: peanuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sugar, gluten free flour, vanilla, salt, baking soda

Pizza Dough - house traditional pizza dough, unbaked, makes up to 14" pizza - $4 each

Ingredients: flour, olive oil, water, salt, yeast

Farmers' Plate & Pantry

Wine Country SMOKE

Available to ship

Wine Barrel Smoking Chips - made from local winery

Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips - made from local distiller

Sample - 6oz - $6
Full Size - 12 oz - $10

Tim's BBQ Rubs

Available to ship

Tim's Rib Rub - delicious blend of spices; versatile enough to be used on meats, seafood and vegetables

Ingredients: spices, salt, sugar, - Gluten free

3oz - $4

8oz - $8

Tim's Coffee Rub- locally roasted coffee makes this an incredible rub for smoked beef & pork

Ingredients: spices, salt, sugar, - Gluten free
3oz - $5
8oz - $10